Coffee Tasting & Flavor Notes

As I threatened in my last post, I’ve done some more coffee pseudo-science. Using the cupping technique I learned by watching James Hoffmann, I tasted four different coffees. I must mention that the poor technique is mine and mine alone. Mr. Hoffmann would probably cringe if he knew I was connecting his well executed coffee science with my random sloshing about. If you’re interested at all in coffee, coffee science, or the coffee industry, you should check out his YouTube channel.

My intent with this tasting was to see if I could replicate the eye-opening experience I had during the World’s Largest Coffee Tasting. I did.

I also wanted to try my hand at documenting flavor notes in a way my brain can process. It’s not even close to the professional method, but I had fun. Here are the results.

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Coffee Tolerance

Indulge me here.

Coffee has been something I’ve had in my life for at least the past three decades. I enjoy it in all its forms from sweetened with milk to pure, unadulterated black. I’ve also ranged on the coffee-snob-scale from tolerant to pure, unadulterated asshat. I’d like to think that I’ve entered a new tolerant phase.

I have one person to thank for the coffee tolerance, James Hoffmann. I stumbled across his YouTube channel close to a year ago and I’ve joyfully followed him down the rabbit hole of the third wave coffee movement. Because of that, I was able to pick up a kit to participate in The World’s Largest Coffee Tasting earlier this month. It changed the way I think about coffee. The image heading this page is from my kitchen as I prepped to grind the beans.

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