So y’all <he bites his lip to hold in his excitement> I got a short story accepted for publication. This is my first. It’s a horror piece that will be published in TL;DR Press’s Autumn Quarterly Anthology.  I’ll be appearing with twenty-five other talented authors.  My story, Cheek to Cheek, had been bumping around in my head most of the summer. I’m glad it found a great home. The anthology should be available to purchase soon and all of the proceeds will be donated to The Pilcrow Foundation, a charity whose mission is to provide new children’s books to libraries in rural communities all across the US.

I don’t know why, but I had to think about posting that news. It feels braggy somehow. My midwestern core acts like a magnet with the same polarity as my accomplishment and gently tries to push it away.

That aversion to self-promotion is silly for a variety of reasons.

1) This is something I’m proud of and should be happy to shout at the top of my lungs.

2) As an author, I’m going to have to learn to love (meaning tolerate with a fake smile) self-promotion if I have any hope of building an audience.

3) The only people who will see this announcement are a handful of friends and family and the 342 East European bots that are subscribed to the site who I don’t want to delete because sometimes I get lonely.

I’ll post again when I get availability details for the anthology.

Next week – NaNoWriMo


Update and Fiction

It’s been longer than I intended between posts.  My volunteer opportunities started to bump up against one another a few weeks ago and my blogging and writing have taken the hit.

I’ll keep this one short because a) I don’t have anything interesting to say and b) I’d like to get back to my outline.

I have decided to do National Novel Writing Month this November (hence the need to get back to my outline).  After asking my daughter what she thought about NaNoWriMo, the wonderful, sweet girl said, “It sounds like a good challenge. It’s okay if you don’t get all 50,000 words, you’ll still have a lot more than you would have otherwise.”

I love that girl.

I have been writing a little as well. The vignette below is a chunk I cut from a larger piece.  I like how this turned out but it doesn’t fit with the theme I ended up with, so rather than leave it to molder in an old draft I included it here. I’m not sure it stands on its own, but I leave it here for you anyway.

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