The 3 Most Dreaded Questions for a Writer

How’s that title for clickbait?  I’m guessing, at least from what I’ve seen on the interwebs, that you’ll expect to see a concise, clear list of the three questions so you can decide if you want to read any further.  Or maybe one really compelling question with just the hint of an answer before you have to click on the Read More banner.  If you DO click on the Read More banner, each question will be a bright heading followed by a crapload of snark.  Because we’re writers. That’s what we do, right? With the snark. Like now.

Does most of the new content out there have to follow vanilla, SEO recommendations? Do our posts have to look like a 7th grade Scholastic News article? Gods, I’m totally off topic but I can’t help myself.  You might want to get to those 3 dreaded questions. If you do, <fake smile> read on!

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