Sunk Cost Fallacy

I’m almost finished with the first draft of my novel.  This first book has been an incredibly valuable learning experience throughout. I’d never trade it.  As part of the experience and in preparation for the next steps, I’ve been using some of my time to research the editing process.

Right now, I’m planning six different stages of editing to work through the entire process to get the manuscript ready for beta readers.  I imagine, based on what I’ve learned in writing the first draft, that I’ll learn volumes more about the pitfalls and joys of editing.

The big question I have yet to answer is, “Do I give the completed manuscript to beta readers?” I seem to be getting more and more feedback from critique groups and friends that I should start planning how to get the book released.

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Scene Mechanics

Part of the reason I’m writing this blog is to document my process from zero to published. A big part of that is learning the intimate mechanical details of writing. What follows is some technical nuts and bolts (with graphics!) to permanently fix the concepts in my mind. If you’re not interested lifting up the hood of the ’68 Firebird 400 that is my writing career and dig in the grease, consider yourself warned. Continue reading “Scene Mechanics”