About Me


Mike Blackwelder’s birth certificate actually reads Michael Flynn. He’s been writing under the Blackwelder pseudonym since 2016. When he was still working as Michael Flynn, he held careers in archaeology, cartography, and remote sensing. His job titles have ranged from digger-of-square-holes to tech company operations officer to copywriter and stay-at-home-dad. He is currently writing science fiction, mystery, and horror as well as B2C radio advertising copy.

Mike is driven by big ideas, science, and creativity and knows that when the three connect, unexpectedly beautiful things can happen. It is also his belief that life, the universe, and everything will be perfectly clear if someone finds the right words.

His biggest professional successes include finding Figaro’s hammer during an excavation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, helping to improve US railroad safety, publishing his first short story, and selling his first radio ad to Bigelow Tea.

Mike is currently a freelance writer of fiction and copy looking to use his professional background to change everything. If you’re interested in engaging his services, chatting about science or philosophy, or just sharing a damn fine cup of coffee, you can reach him at blackwelder1066@gmail.com to connect.