Whelp. The outline for the novel has weakened and failed. It worked well up to the midpoint and I still know how it ends, but it was structurally unsound in the last third. I think I’ve solved the problems. Maybe.

I’ve hit 80k words and I’ve got a plan to bring all of my threads together in the climax. It looks like it’s going to work out well enough. I’ve been taking notes as I’ve gone with the changes I know I need to make. It should make the (extensive) first and second edits more manageable. Maybe.

It feels like I’ve only got about two weeks of writing left to complete the first draft. Maybe.

I wanted the outline process to not only give me a roadmap but I wanted to make the writing easy. I’ve learned a ton and each book I write is going to make me a better writer. But I’m learning that the writing is never going to be easy.

I know. I know. The pros out there all say it’s never easy no matter how good you get. They sounded a lot like the parents I talked to before I had kids – the most challenging and rewarding thing you’ll ever do. It seems I must experience to understand the words of the experienced.


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