Still Deep Down the Well

It’s been a few weeks. I’m still down the well waiting for the water to rush in.

Although the novel is still in progress, I’ve wrapped up a draft for a short story. The initial reaction from the critique group is positive. I’ve got some editing to do but when that’s complete and I get another beta read in, I plan to send it out to several markets. Trouble is, it’s not speculative fiction and I have no idea where to send it. I’m so used to genre fiction that I’m not sure where it might find a home.

I want to give one more shout out to Mary Robinette Kowal.  Her birthday post from this year changed how I view short stories.  The process is simple and clear and help me turn the idea I’d been tossing around for a year into an actual story.

Since it’s not in my usual genre, if I can’t find a home for Dexter the dog, I’ll post his story here after a while.

Until next time. Good writing.


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