I feel like a dope even using the title, loss. It signifies so much more than what’s happened to me.  I haven’t lost anyone. My family and friends are all alive and, if not in perfect health, they’re in a condition that matches their lifestyle choices.  The kids are both in the house at the moment. I haven’t forgotten them at school or on some wintery fishing dock. They haven’t shrugged on a motorcycle jacket and sped off on a Ducati 900SS. I haven’t lost my mind or my, albeit stunted, sense of humor for prolonged periods. I haven’t even lost my wallet or red pen.

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Writing Groups

Should you join a writing group?  In the interest of full disclosure, as of this writing, I’m a member of three different groups.

“Jesus, Mike. Say yes much?”  

Yeah, yeah.  I know.  It seems like a lot of groups.  It is, but I’m getting something a bit different from each group.  To answer the question, “Should I join a writing group?” I have to answer – it depends.  

“Brilliant. That’s all you’ve got?”

Stick with me! I’ve created this handy-dandy Writing Group-O-Matic decision tree to help you figure it out.

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