Dangerous Writing

I was driving this morning around doing some last-minute holiday preparation and heard a radio story on NPR.  It was a show called How I Built This and featured Jim Koch, one of the founders of Sam Adams brewery. I didn’t catch the whole show, but I had to share the small bit that I heard.

In reference to his choosing his career in brewing, he said, “There are choices that seem safe but are dangerous and choices that seem dangerous but are safe.”

Do you want to retire and look back on a life half-lived? Jim Koch didn’t. I know that my previous career was one of those choices that seemed safe but was very, very dangerous to my essential nature.

Writing seems dangerous me. That doesn’t mean it’s safe, but I feel more in tune with my spirit than I ever have before.

Have you made choices that seem safe?  Are you living in one now or do you feel dangerously satisfied?


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