Fiction Monday is Here Again – Granny Neumann

I have once again failed to deliver a post before the close of the weekend.  We must both be punished with fiction Monday.

Granny Neumann Goes Skateboarding

“James Francis Neumann. I am not getting on that skateboard.”

“Oh, come on Grams. Just for a second. I want to Snapchat it.”

“I don’t understand the words you’re saying, Jimmy, and I’m not getting on the skateboard.” Continue reading “Fiction Monday is Here Again – Granny Neumann”


The Writer’s Conference

I went to a local writer’s conference last weekend and I’m going to tell you why I think you should attend one.

This particular conference was sponsored and hosted by our county library system. It was reminiscent of small, software-specific technical conferences I  attended when I was in the tech industry.  There was a keynote presentation, several different course tracks,  socials and even had a coffee station in the morning.  This conference was free, so big value points right from the start.  I attended the same conference last year (shortly after I started writing seriously) so this was a good comparison year for me.

You might be saying to yourself, “That’s nice for you, Mike, but my library system is pretty small.” To which I would say to you, “Have you asked, you poo poo head?”  I think local libraries sponsoring writer gatherings is way more common than you might think.  Librarians are legally bound to be either a) a writer or b) an author groupie. Often times they’re both.  Even if the library doesn’t sponsor a gathering, I bet you that one of the librarians knows about one locally.  Ask the one with the blue highlights-the young one who help set up the teen space with squishy chairs that are nicer than the ones you have at home. You know who I mean.  He’ll know.

One of the few criticisms I have about the conference is that it was not well advertised.  It was hard to find online and if I hadn’t heard about it from a friend, I never would have know it existed.  Even so, there were almost 250 people who registered and attended.

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Fiction Mondays – Betty Mae

I’m running late on my post because there was a local writers conference that I attended Friday and Saturday.  There are several new posts swirling in my nether regions that were, at least in part, inspired by the conference.  I attended a world building session and have a LOT to say about it- both the world building and the session.  I’m going to give it another few days before I write it to see if the heat will increase or abate.

I’ve decided (mostly) that if I make it to Monday and I still haven’t created any new content, I’ll push out a little fiction.   Most of what I post here will not have anything to do with the genre fiction I’m currently working on. Here’s a short piece I wrote as an exercise.

Betty Mae

Betty Mae was able to reach into a pot of boiling water and pull out an ear of corn. I never saw her do it, but in the sea of family stories, this one feels true to me. Continue reading “Fiction Mondays – Betty Mae”