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To blog or not to blog

My original objective for this blog was to get my stories out for anyone that wanted to read them.  Strangely, my writer friends (the published ones) advised me against it.  “Don’t give away your IP for free.” Their contention is, “If it’s not good enough to publish, it’s not good enough to give away.” I get that.  I’d love to get paid for all of my work but I also understand that what I’m writing right now isn’t good enough – for me, you or for any publishers out there.    

Before the discussions with my writer friends, I thought that creating a platform for fiction was the best way to get my stories out.  I don’t mind giving stuff away for free as long as it’s good.  But, after some reflection, I realized I don’t go to blogs for fiction.  I go to learn.  I look for people who are blazing paths that I’m about to tread and read about their successes and failures.  I’m a cautious, conservative guy and don’t generally light a match and stick my head in the oven to see if the gas is on.  Not generally.  

When I first read a blog I’m looking for facts.  When I’m intrigued enough by the writer’s voice, I return.  I start to follow their journey and then I come back because I want to see how they’re doing.  I feel the urge to root for them in the strange way the interwebs allow us to do that sort of thing these days.  Like many of you, I’ve watched romances flare and fail.  I’ve watched businesses and families grow.  I’ve watched talented, passionate people go on to achieve great things and I’ve watched passion projects falter and go silent.  When I was brave enough, I joined in community discussions. 

When it comes down to it, I’ve thought for a long time that I didn’t have much new to say.  Turns out, I’m probably right but that just doesn’t matter.

Blog goals

To that end, I’d like to entertain you but I also want to provide a small window into what it’s like to try and make a go of writing as a second career, a side gig or a challenge.  For me, writing is a career after the career.  It’s the career I think I want after the career I hated.  The blog will document my journey, week by week as I build my writer’s craft and try and get my work published.  I’ll write about what I’m thinking, what I’m working on and what I’m learning.  I’ll share my successes and failures as a writer.  

Like some of you out there, I’m not sure I’m ready yet.  Am I ready to write?  I’m not sure if I can even write coherent blog posts.  I know I’m ready to have written a novel but I’m not ready to write it.  So how do we get from the wanting to have written to writing and having fun with it?  How do we get over the fear of failure, acceptance, over-commitment, large domesticated animals?  Initially, I’d like to tackle topics like:

  • Writing groups and why I love them
  • Novels and why I shouldn’t be starting another one right now
  • Shorts stories and how to improve my craft
  • Outlining – WTF do I do again? Why do I keep getting off track?
  • Gear and why I don’t need it (but really, really want it)

I hope you’ll join me as crank the stove to high, light my Zippo and stick my head in to see if this damn thing is on.


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