Why Journaling Sucks

Journaling is one of those things in life I wanted to have done. It’s not anything I ever really wanted to do.

I have romantic visions of leather-bound books–one per year.  Each is filled with beautiful calligraphy documenting my deepest thoughts day by day.  Generations from now, my descendants will find them in hermetically sealed bookcase, peel back the acid-free paper wrapping and wonder what kind of an ass wasted so much time and energy doing this. Continue reading “Why Journaling Sucks”


Yippee ki-yay

To blog or not to blog

My original objective for this blog was to get my stories out for anyone that wanted to read them.  Strangely, my writer friends (the published ones) advised me against it.  “Don’t give away your IP for free.” Their contention is, “If it’s not good enough to publish, it’s not good enough to give away.” I get that.  I’d love to get paid for all of my work but I also understand that what I’m writing right now isn’t good enough – for me, you or for any publishers out there.     Continue reading “Yippee ki-yay”



I’m hoping to use this platform to make new friends.  For now, I’m going to throw out thoughts, ask questions and maybe post some fiction. If you’re interested in following my journey from hobbyist writer to pro, read on.